Handbook Index

The Gallery Los Olivos Handbook is for use only by current members of Gallery Los Olivos.

The Handbook chapters are listed separately and password protected. Members can obtain this password by looking in the rolodex.

Chapters 1 and 2 are omitted for privacy reasons. These sections are emailed to members periodically.

Chapter 3 - Calendar

Chapter 4 - Rents, Dues, & Fees

Chapter 5 - Responsibilities and Privileges of Members

Chapter 6 - Display Standards

Chapter 7 - Featured Artist Shows

Chapter 8 - Sitting at the Gallery

Chapter 9 - Sales and Rent Transactions

Chapter 10 - Gallery By Laws

Chapter 11a Useful Resources

Chapter 11b Publicity Resources

Chapter 11c Retail locations carrying Benjamin Moore paint

Chapter 11d FedEx Art Shipping Boxes

Additional miscellaneous information is emailed to members as appropriate, and is filed in the Gallery's desk copy of the Handbook.