Cheryl Ambrecht

Art has always been a true passion of mine, living with color, line, shapes, space and design.
It has touched my heart and soul, and always takes me into a colorful, peaceful, beautiful world that is always
surrounding me. I studied fine art at Northern Arizona University and Computer Graphics at UCSB.
After school, I started working for Northrop Corporation in the art department, where I began my graphic
design career. My job consisted of technical illustration, drawing airplanes, drones and their parts, and
also created ad campaigns, brochures, posters, newsletters and corporate identity. Computer graphics
gave me another way to express my creative ideas. After I retired from Northrop Gumman I started
painting in oils, a long time desire of mine. There was never enough time to paint while working and
raising my two children. I have been a member of Santa Barbara Art Association and SCAPE since 2004.
I feel I am continuing to grow in my painting and all phases of my life.
Thank you, John and my family and friends that make my life so special.

Gallery Los Olivos