How to Become a Member of Gallery Los Olivos



Acceptance into the Gallery is by jurying.   Reservation is required.


Jurying date:  Saturday, March 30, 2019, at LOCO Hall in Los Olivos


Jurying day:  Work submitted 12:00 – 12:30 at the LOCO Hall.  Pick up 4:00-4:30.




§  Only artists whose primary residence is in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, or Ventura counties are eligible to be juried for membership in the gallery. 


§  Jurying is by confirmed reservation only.  Email your request for a reservation – including name, address, phone(s), preferred email address, website if you have one, and medium -- to Since we jury a limited number of artists, we urge you to contact us no later than a month before the jurying date. The Jury Coordinator will confirm your reservation by phone or email.  Since we must allow ample time for our jurors to review the work, we regret that we cannot take walk-in applicants.


§  Jurying day schedule and place: Submit work between 12:00 and 12:30.  Pick up between 4:00 and 4:30.  Jurying is at the Los Olivos Community Organization hall (previously called Grange Hall) at 2374 Alamo Pintado.

§  Submit in person on jurying day: five pieces of art completed in the last three years.  All work submitted must be appropriate for a GLO three-dimensional display space (pedestals; not wall art), plus a list of the pieces with medium and year created.  Please also submit a brief artist’s statement, artist’s resume (shows, awards, art education, memberships, etc.), and 5+ photos representative of your work for our files.  You may include a brochure or other descriptive information. Materials submitted are not returned unless you include a self-addressed stamped envelope. 
 For jurying, your work will be presented on a table (or part of a table).  We suggest that you bring a neutral colored cloth to put on the table that will show your work to best advantage.


§  You will be notified of your acceptance/rejection by mail within a week. An acceptance means that you will be put on the Wait List to become a member.


§  Once you are invited to join and assigned a display space, you will pay the currently required fees listed below.  (You should expect yearly increases each July 1.) 


o   A one-time non-refundable membership fee:  $195.00

o   Annual membership fee: $60.00 

o   Display space monthly rental for 4’ x 4’ floor space:  $66.00

o   Commission:  15% of all sales


§  Other requirements and information:


o   All work presented to the jury must be of your own design and creation, and based only on your own source materials, such as photographs, sketches, etc.  Work created in a class or workshop is not eligible for jurying.

o   Members of our cooperative Gallery are required to sit one day a month (unaccompanied by spouse or friend), or pay a “no sit fee.” New members are required to sit at least seven times during their first year (including training and mentoring days).  Besides sitting regularly, our members are obligated to attend our General Meetings/wall-change (on the second Monday mornings of February, June, and October), volunteer for a responsibility (based on interests and skills), and be active participants in the gallery’s functions.


Please see the back of this page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why Gallery Los Olivos?

A:  We’ve been showing fine art in the Santa Ynez Valley since 1992.  We operate a cooperative environment where over 50 regional artists can display and sell their work as an important part of their marketing effort, and enjoy the camaraderie and support of other dedicated artists.  Our vision is to continually enhance our gallery with a focus toward fine art that will appeal not only to first time buyers, but also to sophisticated collectors.  Our visitors tell us that they enjoy the quality and variety of our art, so our membership efforts are aimed at bringing in artists whose work will help us raise our standards and offer an expanding variety of art, and whose supportive dedication to other artists will further strengthen our artist community. 

        Our bright, open venue enjoys a prime location in a tourist destination, with visitors from many geographies, providing a broad audience for our art.  Each pedestal artist member is assigned a dedicated space in the Gallery layout and must provide pedestals that fit within that 4’x4’ space and conform to our Display Standards.  Our members’ work appears on our website and they have access to our featured show area, as well as annual group shows. 

        Direct interaction with potential buyers while sitting at the Gallery gives our artists insights to make their work more marketable.  Members benefit from their association with the Gallery by enhanced credibility as serious artists and greater market awareness of their work, sometimes resulting in requests for commissioned art or other exhibiting opportunities.  We also enjoy involvement in a friendly, supportive group of artists who take pride in the smooth functioning of our Gallery.

        If our Gallery’s direction and focus are consistent with your own ambitions as an artist, we hope you’ll visit us to assess our venue and learn about the opportunities and responsibilities of Gallery membership.


Q:  How can I find out more about the gallery?

A:  We encourage you to visit the Gallery and spend time browsing.  While there, the artist working that day will be happy to explain how we function and share his/her experience as a member.  If you know artists who are members, discuss the Gallery with them.  Also email us ( with any specific questions you have.


Q:  Who is on the jury?  What are the criteria for judging the work?

A:  There are typically five jurors who are members of our Gallery with well-developed skills in judging the mediums of the prospective members.  Our single most important criterion is quality – the demonstration of consistent artistic achievement and expression.  Presentation quality is also important. After that, we also look for work that will round out the Gallery’s offerings for our visitors, and we look for artists who will contribute to the success of the Gallery through their involvement in the Gallery’s activities.  A strong artist’s resume that demonstrates artistic commitment and accomplishment is also a plus. 


Q:  Is there a certain style of work that you prefer?

A:  No. We are constantly looking to offer our visitors a wide choice of accomplished work.  While many of our current works are of a more traditional style, we want to see quality work that best represents your unique sensibility as an artist, whether traditional or contemporary.  Pedestal pieces should be of a “fine art” nature rather than functional pieces.


Q:  What type of work should I show the jury?  Should I show all the same type of work, or different work?

A:  You must show work only in the three-dimensional category for which you have applied.  Your work should demonstrate consistent quality and maturity of artistic expression.  Our jurors welcome variety; however, your work should represent a focused artistic direction.  Our general advice is to show a cohesive body of current work (completed in the last three years) that best represents you as an accomplished artist, the kind of work you would proudly display if invited to become a member of the Gallery.


Q:  Do you require that an artist have a website?

A:  We do not require that an applicant have a website.  However, we have observed that most artists who are serious about marketing their work have websites; in addition, some have blogs or are on social media.  The jury will review your website prior to jurying day.  Since we are considering applicants for membership with ongoing exhibition of work in the Gallery, it’s reassuring when the jury can look at a website with a body of impressive work beyond the five pieces submitted for jurying.


Q:  If I am accepted by the jury, what happens next?

A.      We maintain a Wait List of people who have been accepted by our jury. When a space becomes available, we review the Wait List for work that we feel is most appropriate for the Gallery at that time, and contact the artist with an invitation to become a member. When invited to join, you will be asked to pay your membership fee, annual fee, and first monthly rent.  You are not a member of the Gallery until you have paid your membership fees, signed our membership agreement, etc. We will not request that you sit or do volunteer work at the Gallery until you are a member. 

We cannot forecast when spaces become available, and we do not invite a new member based on the length of time spent on the Wait List, nor on what medium was in the space being vacated.  This means we cannot give a fair estimate of how long you may be on the Wait List. 


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Revision: January 2019